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Michelle Davis, Director of Sales & Operations

The Jennifer Hollister Group

"Hughes Coaching and Consulting was hugely beneficial for our company. Their management consulting was instrumental in our implementing new and improved processes."


Hughes Coaching & Consulting offers customized, holistic consulting programs for organizations of all types and sizes. Consulting services include:

Management Consulting 

Management is full of complex challenges. Drive results through implementing strategic principles for goal setting, alignment and attainment throughout your organization.

Organizational Development and Change

Change is rarely easy, but good strategy and planning make for the smoothest transitions. Design a clear vision and path to your future. Identify influential tactics to bring others along.

Executive Coaching

Inspire top performance from your teams through implementing simple leadership, management and process tools. 

Coaching Programs: Community Amenities

Hughes Coaching & Consulting LLC has made the Pledge to Give at least 10% of profits to charitable organizations that make people's lives better. Learn more about why you should take the pledge here. 

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